CA Final SFM | SFM Express | Mutual Funds


 SFM Express - This video is an excerpt of our SFM Express video content on Mutual Funds and gives an overview of the course. This video will help students to get a first-hand view on the SFM Express course Style, Rhythm, methodology & Pace. The Institute (ICAI) tests students ability to understand concepts and apply them to practical problems. It is highly recommended to go through the ICAI Practice Manual, CA Final Study Material and CA Final New Syllabus as prescribed by the InstituteThis video has been loaded on the website for you to access and get a hands-on experience of the course you are looking for as well as a convenience because you would not have to go on youtube for the videos and you will be able to read blogs, forums and find courses suitable to you at the same place. This video in context is a revision of Mutual Funds topic in CA Final SFM and it will cover everything important in the topic for the examination. If you are interested in the SFM Express course and want to find more about it then check out our products webpage for the same and also find time to check our blog page to understand more about CA Final SFM, CA Final New Syllabus etc. and to also find new tricks for solving the SFM CA Final Paper faster. You should also check our forum page where thousands of students similar to you interact with each other and it is also a place where you will get answers to your doubts from other students related to CA Final and also answer theirs related to the same. If you really liked this video you should check out our Youtube channel and subscribe to it to get the latest updates for Archana Khetan and many other faculties teaching CA Final, CA Foundation and CA inter. The link will be given below