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Archana Khetan is a visionary, entrepreneur and education enthusiast and strongly believes in availability of quality pedagogy and mentorship for everyone. With decades of academic and industry experience she has developed a unique style and teaching methodology that has helped transform thousands of students. Her aim is to teach and nurture professionals and future leaders in the field of finance and Risk Management.

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Strategic financial management (SFM)

Strategic Financial Management deals with concepts in finance, risk management, derivative etc.

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Why Khetan Education?

The Coach to Professionals

Khetan Education offers a comprehensive range of Courses in Finance, Risk Management and Capital Markets for students pursuing CA, CS, ICWA, CFA, FRM and Other Professional Courses. Our Courses are designed to prepare students for upcoming exams. It’s our endeavour to stay relevant and update our courses in order to give our students the edge. The courses are taught by world class professionals with academic and industry domain expertise.

Khetan Education incorporates a variety of delivery methodologies and a wide range of techniques to help students master concepts and make them future ready to adapt to increasingly dynamic world of Risk Management & Financial Services. Courses are available in the classroom - face to face, recorded video, Online, Recorded Pen Drive and Recorded Catch Up in the classroom. Our courses are designed to prepare students learn concepts - right from basics to advanced, problem solving skills and techniques, paper based solutioning approach and last but not the least there is a rigourous focus on consistent practice to help master the concept so that the same is ingrained as a habit.

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Benefits of aKhetan Education course

200+ hours of instruction

Our specialized courses are tailor-made to best prepare you for SFM & other subjects in Finance & Risk Management.

Ground-up approach

Start with building a strong conceptual foundation, then progress to complex problem solving techniques.

Well-researched material

Study resources are specially crafted and customized for better comprehension & conceptual clarity.

Personal rapport

All the faculties are available for doubts & queries on a variety of communication channels.

Top-notch faculty

All the faculties have a lifetime of academic and practical experience in their domain.

Custom Courses

A variety of courses have been designed to suit your needs & optimal usage of time.

Synergistic environment

Learn with your peers and grow as a group in a highly motivated environment fdvdfvd

Strategic financial management (SFM)

Strategic Financial Management deals with concepts in finance, risk management, derivative etc.

Student Testimonial

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The way of teaching by Archana Ma’am was the biggest factor that helped me form strong basics in this subject. The fact that she explains a concept from the grassroots all the way up to its practical implications ensured that I did not have to mug up concepts, but simply understand them and move ahead with the sums.
Her study material is exhaustive, and maybe lengthier than most other notes available, but I literally did not study anything apart from AK notes. Also, the fact that she stayed behind for hours after the lecture, until all my doubts were solved had a very positive effect. The fact that ma’am herself was so positively involved in my studies, and spoke to me on a personal level instilled a different level of confidence.
For me personally, she’s been the best faculty in my CA curriculum as a teacher, mentor and individual.

Dhrumil Gala

I think you have a great teaching style in which you used stuff from different sources and combine into a simplified version which will help us in easier digestion of the knowledge. You are a friendly and [understanding] tutor, which would help us [communicate with you better].  “ Archana Mam's questions to help draw out my understanding of the problem and she will also explain the topic in a more in-depth manner if any of her students has any difficulties understanding the problem statement.”
Thank you once again for helping me a lot in clearing this subject.

Ankit Parmar

I choose to learn from the best and when it comes to learning Strategic Financial Management, Archana Khetan is the best. She is skilful, humble, passionate, teaches from personal experience, and is excited to show you the way. Her teaching aims not only to clear your exams, but to help in the long run. Getting 95 in SFM and clearing CA was a significant milestone in my life, which she helped me to achieve.

Shubham Bohara

Thanks a lot Archana Mam for teaching and guiding me in SFM.You made SFM my favourite subject in CA Final.Your teaching has been exceptional. Each and every topic was perfectly discussed and taught, be it the concepts or practical sums. Your method of teaching made every concept very simple and easy to recall.At the end of the lectures, I was clear with all concepts and this helped me a lot while preparing for exams.You are one of the best professors for SFM!!

Shreya lath

A great balance between logical and mechanical answering became the biggest key to crack toughest questions. From beginning till the examination, I was very confident that I will score above 70 marks in SFM, and this dream I could achieve through her confidence, learning techniques, and most importantly her support throughout. I believe I made the wisest decision by joining Khetan Education for SFM.

Masum Sottany

Ma'am you made SFM subject so easy with your tricks to remember concepts. Learning in your class used to be fun. I gave 2 attempts (may 18 and Nov 18) in both attempts I scored highest marks in SFM (58 and 79).
Thanks a lot Ma'am for your support and guidence
Now it's CA Ayush Jain

CA Ayush Jain

I took pen drive lectures and i found them very useful. The notes are very exhaustive and introduction and detailed explanation at the start of each chapter and every new sub heading are very useful while revising. The sums given in the textbook cover the whole pm and are best for revising one day before the exam. Cross references made by ma'am are best to avoid confusion. I had a phobia of SFM but because of Archana Khetan ma'ams notes i scored 59. The pen drive lectures are easy to access and in spite of more views available i understood the subject after viewing it 1 time

CA Veera Jain

Archana Maam’s practical approach teaching and in depth knowledge made SFM learning interesting and a high scoring subject. practice is the key to SFM which makes Khetan Education best for SFM. I scored 80 marks in SFM in my first attempt itself.

Akshay Sabadra

SFM is a tricky one in the CA Final. Trust me, if your concepts are clear and the methodology of solving the sums is mastered, you can crack any sum. Well, it is only Archana Khetan who can make you do it. With her teaching skills, scoring an exemption in SFM is no big deal.

Animesh Sarkar

o competently excel in SFM paper, two critical incident response elements are necessary: Information & Organization. For information, it is hands down Archana ma’am, and for organization it has to be Khetan Education.

Karan veer

There are two types of teachers, one who teach their students what the syllabus dictates and the other, who go beyond the coursework to teach their students things that life dictates. Archana ma'am has always been the latter. Her encouragement, expertise and constant support has helped me to get my highest score in CA final exams - SFM 71/100. Couldn't have asked for anything more. Extremely grateful and satisfied with Khetan Education.

Chirag Harsora

Thanks ma’am, you made SFM fear-free by making us understand the concepts in a simple way, and guiding us on how to present the paper, With her teaching skills, scoring an exemption in SFM is no big deal,which helped me to score 91 marks in the final!

dimple bansal