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SFM Express is designed (by Archana Khetan | Khetan Education) to help CA final SFM students revise and brush up on their concepts of both CA final SFM Old Syllabus and CA final SFM New Syllabus Courses. The duration of the same is 25 hours. This video is an excerpt of our SFM Express video content on CA Final SFM Interest Rate Risk Management and gives an overview of the course. This video will help students to get a first-hand view on the SFM Express course Style, Rythm, methodology & Pace.

Interest Rate Risk Management is one of the toughest topics to master in SFM CA Final. We have attempted to make the concepts easy to comprehend and master techniques with the help of basic thumb rules to deal with complex derivatives. ICAI expects ca final sfm students to have full conceptual clarity with practical application and hence one should expect questions related to the same in CA final exam. It is recommended to have a very good understanding of basic derivatives prior to attempting this section.

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The Institute (ICAI) tests students ability to understand concepts and apply them to practical problems. It is highly recommended to go through the CA final Practice Manual, ICAI Study Material and SFM ca final Syllabus as prescribed by the Institute.

SFM Express Course is available in Pen Drive and through Google Drive Link. SFM Full Course and Fast Track Course (Crash Course) available in Pen Drive and through Google Drive Link.

Other SFM Express topics by the same faculty are Risk Management CA Final, Value at Risk, Mutual Funds, Mergers & Acquisition, Portfolio Management etc.

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