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Below is the link of Notes for SFM Final Express Course.

Notes Link: https://www.khetaneducation.com/SFM-Express-Final.pdf

SFM Express is designed (by Archana Khetan | Khetan Education) to help CA final SFM students revise and brush up on their concepts of both CA final SFM Old Syllabus and CA final SFM New Syllabus Courses. The duration of the same is 25 hours. This attached pdf is notes for SFM Express and is for the reference of CA students. The SFM Express videos are available on our Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdw40xPwBeMSaz-cIZJSqDQ/. 

Pls subscribe to our Youtube Channel : https://bit.ly/2G4FMEf

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