March 21, 2020

Is practice manual enough for CA final SFM ?

Is practice manual enough for CA final SFM ?

CA Final SFM combines theory with practical applications. The subject discusses the theories, concepts, assumptions and mechanics underlying financial decisions like investment, financing, and dividend. It also discusses sources and instruments of short term and long term finances, mergers & acquisitions, international financial management and derivative products. The subject helps students to rel

March 15, 2020

How to Prepare for CA Final SFM

How to prepare for CA Final SFM from best CA final faculty in Mumbai.

Strategic Financial Management (SFM CA Final) aims to assist the students to develop a thorough understanding of the concepts and theories underlying financial management in a systematic way. The institute (ICAI) tests students ability to comprehend and solve problems based on complex concepts often in connection to inter-related topics. Further, it is expected that the students develop pr

January 20, 2019



Strategic Financial Management has been increasingly gaining importance in the CA Final Curriculum and is expected to trend as one of the more challenging papers in times to come. Some of the important pointers to approach the subject from the conceptual and examination point of view have been discussed below, however, over the years institute has been focussing on high level of conceptual clarity