SFM Final Preparation
September 6, 2020

Importance of SFM theory in SFM CA Final

In the current format of the CA Final SFM exams anywhere from 20 - 25 % of the paper is based on compulsory theory questions. Students should have a differentiated strategy to deal with this portion so as to secure good marks in this section. Students must prepare SFM theory portions properly as it is compulsory in the new curriculum. Theory answers should be very well articulated and must contain a definition along with detailed explanation. One should try to highlight the bullet points and underline the keywords related to the topic, remember, good content leads to better score.  CA final Practice Manual (for SFM Old Syllabus Course) and ICAI module (for SFM New Syllabus Course) is a good starting point to prepare for theory in a structured manner. SFM theory, if prepared well, can get one very close to the passing marks required for this exam.

  • ICAI SFM Study Material

The institute provides very good quality study material and one should not ignore the same. It is often observed that the students spend a lot of time, energy and effort looking for sfm notes, sfm downloads etc. however, ICAI study material i.e. CA final Practice Manual (for SFM Old Syllabus Course) and ICAI module (for SFM New Syllabus Course ) for SFM CA Final is comprehensive as well as exhaustive. SFM Syllabus and official curriculum is a good place to start along with the SFM Practice Manual provided by the institute.

 It gives one an exhaustive list of theory questions related to a particular topic. You can also check out the revision test papers [CA Final SFM RTP] in order to find out a list of questions that were asked in prior year papers [SFM CA Final Past Papers]

As the subject is very wide in nature below are the benefits of practice manual or Icai Module:

  • CA Final Practice Manual is a good way of benchmarking one self and one’s preparation.
  • SFM Practice Manual helps one get a flair of a variety of questions that the institute can come up with.
  • It’s a good reality check to understand the level and complexity of questions
  • And of course, it is meant for practice.

 So, Keep reviewing and practicing in order to make yourself perfectly prepared for the subject.

  • Develop Conceptual Clarity on each topic

 The CA final SFM syllabus has 14 topics and usually theory questions can be asked from any of these topics. As one starts developing conceptual clarity on each of these topics it is also important that one starts skimming through related theoretical concepts so as to get a sense of type of theory questions asked and to get a better hold on the same. This helps one relate to the concept and build a connection.  The above will come very handy just before the exams when one is preparing for theory section of the final exams.  

  • SFM theory key to Exemption

As mentioned earlier SFM CA Final exams have compulsory SFM theory questions being in the paper to the tune of 20 - 25%. Students looking to secure exemption in CA final SFM should use this trick as it will help them get those extra 20 - 25 marks that could make a difference in getting exemption. If one is lucky and cracks both practical and theory sections alike then you are in for extremly marks.

  • SFM Revision

 Remember to revise SFM theory before the exams. As the portion is exhaustive and given the fact that CA Final Students have to write exams back to back it becomes important for one to spend a reasonable amount of time revising the subject before the exams. Choose revision lectures of a faculty you are familiar with and one is comfortable with his / her nomenclature. As the topics are complex and there’s a lot to remember it helps immensely to do SFM revision to maximize the score.

 You can also opt for SFM Express

 SFM Express is a course specially developed and compiled by Archana Khetan-Khetan Education (www.khetaneducation.com) for students who are looking for a quick final evaluation of their preparation for the examination. 

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